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Adventures beyond the bricks

Welcome to the thrilling world of LEGO trips and adventures! Prepare to be captivated as you explore renowned destinations such as LEGO Land, where incredible brick-built wonders await. Dive into the immersive experiences at LEGO Discovery Centre, where creativity knows no bounds. Unlock your true potential as you compete in the exciting LEGO Masters competition, showcasing your building skills and ingenuity. Whether you’re constructing towering structures or venturing into new realms, the possibilities are endless. So gather your bricks, ignite your imagination, and let LEGO trips and adventures transport you to a world of limitless fun and excitement! Get ready for an incredible journey that will leave you amazed.


Legoland Windsor has a range of rides suitable for different age groups and interests. Some popular attractions include The Dragon roller coaster, Pirate Falls Treasure Quest log flume, and the Lego City Driving School, where children can drive Lego-themed cars. There are also shows, 4D movies, and live entertainment options available throughout the day.